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Consulting and Workforce Services for Healthcare Providers

We have an award-winning telecommunications system designed to track, record and monitor all incoming calls.

Answering Service / On-Call

  • Full-time dedicated nursing and therapy professionals 24/7.

  • Increase patient satisfaction with dedicated customer service agents to speak with patients and connect them with the correct person at your office.

  • We have developed tech-enable tools for workflow efficiency.


  • Daily management of the entire referral process.
  • Highly trained experts are able to run eligibility and conduct insurance verification for incoming patients.
  • Full-time dedicated staff to create a new patient record and upload all pertinent information into the chart for the visiting clinician.
  • Experience patient advocates order medical equipment, obtain authorizations and conduct the welcome call for each patient.
  • Our highly trained staff improve coordination between the patient and the office which results in higher patient satisfaction and better patient outcomes.


  • Daily management of the patient appointment process.
  • Pre-visit and post-visit calls to patients to ensure patient satisfaction.

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