ACHC and CHAP Certified Products and Services

For Home Health and Hospice Organizations

Agency EQ developed a variety of products for home health and hospice organizations to support their daily operations, policies and procedures, processes, and documentation. These products underwent a thorough review by ACHC and CHAP to verify that Agency EQ provides resources that allow home health and hospice organizations to meet the intent of applicable regulations and standards.

Our team consists of highly trained Home Health and Hospice consultants and operators with decades of experience in Home Health and Hospice administration, operations, and compliance at some of the largest providers. We are experts in regulations and process improvement plans with JACHO, ACHC, and CHAPs.


Start-Up Location Consulting

Our consultants specialize in assisting new clients with the tedious start-up process.

Licensing / Accreditation Preparation

We develop a detailed timeline and plan from application submission to final certification surveys.

Survey Preparation

We assist Home Health and Hospice agencies with Accreditation and mock surveys.

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